Spring/Summer 2016 Trends

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Spring/Summer 2016 Trends

I asked on Twitter what you guys wanted to see more of on the blog and a lot of my US readers said Fashion; Whether that be more fashion look books, more fashion trends for the next season, more outfit of the day etc because the UK, especially those living in the centre of it like London, are very ‘Fashion Forward’ so we try to be one step ahead of the game and really strut our stuff. I mean come on, who doesn’t want a tone of Instagram loving because your rocking those Autumn/Winter thigh high boots that every man and his dog wants. So, let’s begin shall we? These are only a few of my favourite trends for Spring/Summer 2016 but I can see them being huge.

Unequivocally the sexiest slice of skin to show for S/S'16, the shoulder is fashion's new legs. Especially when accompanied by a halter-strap. And really, who has fat shoulders? No-one. We're thrilled. The ever-popular off-the-shoulder tops that won summer 2015 are already a thing of the past; shoulders for spring are either largely exaggerated or come with. Whether they're puffed or public, you'll be paying attention to your shoulders like never before.

This is the 1990s trend that doesn't feel like (try)hard work. Tailoring in all it's serious glory was a staple, if unexpected, part of the spring line-up for many of the industry's most influential designers. The new suit is anything but traditional; twisted takes on tailoring were a more conceptual idea during the shows.

These are already a staple in places like America but seem to be creeping in across the UK, especially with more fitness bloggers for a casual but chic look. The baseball cap, I’ve found, is so underrated as a style staple - it can make a dressier outfit look more edgy , a fitness outfit look more professional or a simple jeans and t-shirt combo look more subdued.


Never has fashion seemed so relaxed; Tracksuits, track pants, track tops and other easy pieces appeared at runway shows. The tracksuit has made a strong case for uniform dressing of the most comfortable kind but paired with a cute bag and the right shoes they can look effortlessly attractive.

When the no-brainer shirtdress came in, offering something for both conservatives and exhibitionists the world went mad for them. From the super-short, to twisted with extra-long cuffs, to shredded and collar popped and laced up the front, there were many takes on the closet staple. Even the high street stores have taken a more wearable take on this much loved runway trend.

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I have not been sponsored to mention anything above, all opinions are based on my own experiences.

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