What’s In My Gym Bag

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

What’s In My Gym Bag
Well, to be honest not that much because I usually have handbag that could knock someone unconscious with the amount that the thing has in it. I like to pack light and only the essentials to the gym, mainly because my gym is tiny and the lockers aren’t hugely spacious but also because I’m getting fed up of carrying jumbo sized heavy bags. Depending on the day and what I’m doing after I do sometimes shower at the gym but if not I’ll wait until I get home and I can properly cleanse my face and do my routine.

My gym bag is probably overdue being replaced, I mean it’s not in such a condition where it desperately needs to be replaced but after 4 years I could probably do with a new one. I have a Grey Oakley duffle type bag, it has 2 small press stud pockets on the front of the bag and a large inner zipped pocket on the inside of the bag perfect for shoving all my junk in.

We’ll start with the outer pockets, in these I have a small fold up hair brush with a mirror on the other side, space saving.  A spare pair of trainer socks as I always seem to forget to pack a pair, a pair of headphones which I actually don’t really use because my arm strap annoys me – keep an eye out for a post on Bluetooth headphone’s as I’m on the hunt for some. Hand sanitizer because I refuse to get ill off other peoples germs and you don’t know where their hands have been…just saying, my padlock for the lockers, a couple of hair ties and hair slides, and some dextro (I have a lagging insulin intake so combined with iron deficiency anaemia, it takes me 10x longer than your normal average person to absorb sugars/energy from food, so if I feel faint or my sugar levels drop these stop me from going into hypoglycaemic shock).

In the main area of the bag I keep my gym trainers, which at the moment are the Nike Roshe Run’s in the colour Bone, or the Nike Flex Trainers in Black my leggings – I switch between Dynomos and Gymshark, until I can buy some more, my workout top – again just Dynomos, and my gym socks. We then have my gym towel which is a god send for packing light and space saving, some Nivea body wash and Vaseline Spray and Go moisturiser because I have dragon skin, and some Simple face wipes – I do try to work out make up free but I do go to the gym straight from work.

And as always to hand is my phone, currently the Samsung S6 and my water bottle which is from the brand Bobble Bottle.
Emma x

I have not been sponsored to mention any of the above products, all opinions on these products are based on my own experiences.

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