Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bare Minerals Blemish Remedy

Can I get a halleluiah! This is a miracle product!! BareMinerals have created foundation that is going to help promote clearer skin, for those of us with acne or those of us who are blemish prone, this WILL revolutionise your make up routine.  

This is the BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation, I have mine in Clearly Silk, and this stuff has changed my skin for the better. This is so finely milled that you don’t even feel like you’re putting foundation on, you just feel like your buffing your skin for the lovely feeling – I use the recommended Seamless Buffing Brush and this is just ohh yes on the skin.

The foundation is a super lightweight but buildable coverage and is so creamy it sashays onto the skin, whilst making pores look smaller and helping to control oil production and shine. It works amazingly at reducing the appearance of redness on the skin and certainly evens out your skin tone, without drying it out. The powder is infused with Aspen Bark and Tea Tree Oil which will actively work to help promote clearer, healthier looking skin, whilst giving you the coverage confidence you want from a foundation.

Now, the design off the product is something I’ve not seen before from BareMinerals and that is this meshed covering, very strange when you first use it but this spring operated little mesh design allows enough product to cover your face with but not too much that you’re wasting any and avoiding contamination, plus its super fun to tap your brush into. This foundation is tremendously pigmented so a little really goes a long way, plus using it with the seamless buffing brush ensures you have the smoothest application.

I believe that Bare Minerals has changed my life since discovering it and with this new product they have not failed to impress yet again. My skin has been so much clearer and on days when I have got spots, I know putting this on my face will not only cover them but aid them.

Emma x

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