Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - N40

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - N40
So this is my first fancy pancy foundation and what better way to start than with Chanel, the leading lady of the makeup world. I was planning on getting a high end fancy foundation for some time and when I saw the release for the new Chanel one I thought what better one to try out!

This is the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, in N40, and is a liquid foundation. Firstly let me just say how aesthetically pleasing the bottle is, it has a push on snap close lid and a slightly frosted glass bottle design which is so chic! Plus it has a pump applicator so you won’t have too faff with trying to pour out the exact amount. You will honestly need about half a pump of this foundation to cover your entire face, a little goes a seriously long way (Plus it smells really nice!)

This is meant to be an invisible foundation that portrays a healthy naturally radiant glow, almost as if you’ve been outside in the sunshine for the day without the harmful effects of UV rays. It protects the skin from harsh environmental conditions and has SPF25!!!! This foundation is available in compact form but personally I wanted a liquid foundation, so I have the 30ml bottle (perfect for travelling).  This  range is aimed to be an easy-to-wear foundation that gives each and every skin tone radiance and a glow from within, whilst adapting to the face and allowing the skin to breathe. 

This foundation does initially apply sheer but it is buildable, it evens out the complexion and helps to balance the skin tone. I have dry skin at the moment and this doesn’t faze it at all, it doesn’t cling, it doesn’t go cakey and it blends so easily with your fingers, a beauty blender or a brush, you can almost guarantee a perfected finish. The formula has been enriched with Kalanchoe extract and UV Filters and combined they will help to protect your skin from environmental damage and UV rays, whilst strengthening the skin. Plus the added addition of Hyaluronic Acid derivative means that the texture of the foundation, will provide you with instant hydration and comfort, for that ultimate no foundation foundation.

Have you tried the new Chanel Les Beiges foundation? What are your thoughts? 

Emma x

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