That Kipling Purse

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

That Kipling Purse
Firstly, how beautiful is this colour?! I mean who doesn’t love a bright orange!! And, secondly who doesn’t love Kipling – err hello a brand embellished with monkeys…astounding. I love Kipling, always have and always will their products are such good quality yet so fashionable and last a lifetime, I still have a Kipling purse from 7 years ago and it looks brand new still.
This is a little beautiful piece I picked up from the Kipling outlet store at Cheshire Oaks, now this was an absolute bargain - £75 ……. Down to £21; if that’s not the best price ever for a leather Kipling purse I don’t know what is. This purse is your classic zipped compartment wallet, featuring sections for cards/notes/change etc with plenty of room in each area.

The colour of this purse is phenomenal it’s a true bright/burnt orange with a few tinges of brown to give it that dimension, with the Kipling logo embossed at the top of the purse this just screams quality at you. Inside you have the most stunning lining that contrasts against the bright orange but ties in nicely so not to be too flamboyant. The texture of the leather is so incredibly luxurious on the piece, it’s ever so slightly pebbled/rough to ensure no easy scratching but smooth enough to feel like silk through your hands.

I’ve loved using this purse to pop my card in, a few notes and change, lippy and my phone (Samsung S6) and just to go out like that; it’s such a statement piece that it pulls any outfit together. I cannot wait for the summer months where I can really jazz this purse up and style it with all sorts!

Have you tried any Kipling products? How long have yours lasted, can it beat my 7 years?

Emma x

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