Under Armour Sports Bras

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Under Armour Sports Bras

There ain't no party like an Under Armour party!

I love love love Under Armour a brand, it's clothing has always been incredibly durable and has continusouly improved. So when I hit Cheshire Oaks and I saw there was an Under Armour outlet store, my heart stopped and I ran in too discover these little beauties!

These are the Under Armour sports bras! And they are bloody brilliant. I managed to nab a beautiful teal green/blue coloured one and a striped grey and dark blue one, they both have super supportive boob cupage and an incredibly cute elastic cross over strappy back. I gave these a thorough testing whilst walking the dog, I ran, I jumped, I lunged, I star jumped, I climbed a tree (more so because I felt like it), I did some Pilates in them and honestly my boobs did not budge ... like at all. 

The cross over back enables your shoulder blades to feel more free and allow a greater movement, which I believe in turn will enable you to get more from a back workout. They've got a great cupped supportive front so you don't really need to wear a bra with these because you won't have any nipple on show through them and they feel like they have the support of your everyday bra, too much information I know but tough. I'm really into incorporating more colour into my Gym wardrobe and I think these two are super fun but also are actually going to support you. They also have a tiny little Under Armour logo in the top left corner which I find adds something of interest too them.

Plus, with a cross over elastic back you can adjust the straps to suit your level of support/activity, without having to go through loads of faff of taking the bra off to adjust it. I'm so happy with these sports bras and am really impressed with Under Armour's take on a more fashionable sports bra, you know, the kind you can wear to the gym but also wear under a t-shirt and jeans without feeling too sporty but have that relaxed vibe. 

Have you tried any Under Armour clothing? Will you be taking the plunge and trying out these Sports Bras? 

Emma x

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