Becoming an Ambassador for Nina B Roze

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Becoming an Ambassador for Nina B Roze

The Realist Review X Nina B Roze
 Today I can officially announce that The Realist Review is now a Nina B Roze Ambassador! - Que mini celebratory confetti cannons –  Nina B Roze is a sports apparel designer from LA, I mean hello Los Angles how extraordinary! So I will now be able to showcase to you guys front of LA fitness fashion in the UK!!
Nina’s passion for fitness and nostalgia for ballet classes that guided her towards creating a “Feminine Movement” A creation she builds, as a visionary for women who enjoy taking care of their health, body and soul. Out of a garage, NINA B ROZE active apparel was awakened. She is inspired the Victorian era but infuses femininity and elegance in every design, which means you will always get a classily designed product mixed in with silhouettes that include intricate details and shapes that accentuate a woman’s body, while having technical fabrics that are specifically chosen for durability, moisture management and superb fit.
The main piece of the Nina’s collection includes the signature design, the Heart Butt™ legging and Capri, which is designed to emphasize that booty whilst also making it look toned and defined. While the collection is functional for an athlete, it’s versatile for everyday wear. Whether you’re in yoga class, Pilates or a brunch with your girlfriends, “Sport Your Pretty” wherever you go.

Being able to become an Ambassador for Nina has not been possible without you guys supporting the blog, and I can’t thank you enough for that. Becoming an ambassador has enabled me to have the opportunity of an affiliate link - - You don't have to use this link to buy Nina B Roze products but, this personalised link helps and supports my content. I hope you can support me with what I am doing here on the blog.
I will be purchasing some of Nina’s clothing and once they arrive I will be doing a full review on the blog for you guys and also maybe a look book – let me know your ideas!!

For an extra 20% off your purchase use the link and NINAB20

– Keep an eye out for May’s Birthday Giveaway blog post! –

Thank you once again for your love and support. I wouldn’t be where I am without every single one of you. Thank you.
 Emma x

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