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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Kipling Kaeon Collection X QVC
All hail the queen of striking design crossed with amazing function! I was recently sent the beyond stunning Kipling Kaeon collection by QVC UK, and oh. my. Giddy aunt I have never seen anything more functionally beautiful in my life. Plus, both of these bags are made with a percentage of recycled polyester so you’re doing amazing things for the environment whilst also looking hot as.

Kipling Kaeon Lifesaver Large Shoulder Bag with Shoulder Strap

Now, by no stretch of the imagination should you think this bag won’t be suitable because it’s too small … This bag is like the Marry Poppins of all bags, it’s HUGE. To give you an idea these are the bags measurements (h x w x d): 45cm x 32cm x 20cm (17.7" x 12.6" x 7.9") … This is the Kipling Kaeon Lifesaver Large Shoulder Bag with Shoulder Strap, and as the name suggests it is a lifesaver because of how much you can fit into it! The shape and classic design of this bag allows you to fit so much into it but with the key features of organisation; soft suede pockets inside add so much luxury to the bag and the sturdy handles reassure you that this bag will go all day every day. The bag also has a side to side zip fastening that runs along the top but it isn’t a flimsy zip, oh no, this is a Kipling bag and they don’t do things by halves! This is a super chunky thick zip, so you know that if the kids want to get into it and just yank it with all there might it will not break off.

Kipling Kaeon Blocky Friend Clutch Bag
Er hello new favourite girls night out bag!! This is the most giving clutch bag on earth because it’s not stupidly tiny and actually fits a fair amount of things in it for a change, so basically everything plus the kitchen sink. This is the Kipling Kaeon Blocky Friend Clutch Bag in the most stunning eye-catching colour block design, and the brand’s logo embossed into the metal tab front. For me this is the perfect way to jazz up my outfit because of how classic the design is but yet with the prominent colours it really makes a talking piece; plus with it being Kipling I know this little bag will last many a bashing on a night out! Featured on the inside is a side zipped pocket, the brands embossed logo and a stunning deep navy blue lining. I must admit though, this pair together is just perfection for an overnight stay! You look so organised being all matched up whilst also being so stylish!!

Will you be grabbing something from the Kaeon collection? What do you think of the colours?
Emma x

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