Top Tips for a Successful Blog

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Top Tips for a Successful Blog

As the blog is nearly a year old, can you believe it?! I feel like I have a good year’s experience under my belt to give you guys my top tips for a successful blog, and what I’ve felt has helped get the blog to where it is now. Firstly, it wouldn’t be where it is nor would I be giving you these tips if it wasn’t for YOU.

1.       Your readers/followers ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT people in the world! Without their following and interaction your blog/social media accounts will not get anywhere fast – remember to appreciate and respond to each and every single comment! It’s the least they deserve.

2.       Have a publishing routine down, so for me that’s every 3 days in the morning (usually between 6am – 11am) – On the third day my readers/followers know there will be a new blog post for them to delve into. Likewise for my social Medias’ Instagram I post daily to keep up interaction and Twitter I try, emphasize on the word try, to tweet as much as possible.

3.       Comment, comment, comment – Get your name out there as much as you can. Make sure your interacting with people on all different forms of social medias’ spread your image.

4.       Ask what your followers/readers want to see on the blog!! Twitter now has the option of running a poll – Which, from experience, has helped me to grasp a better understanding of what my readers/followers want me to write about.

5.       Make sure your 100% happy with your images before you post them – If you’re not happy with them, it will come across. I find non-busy backgrounds are my most preferable layouts for images, whether that is on Instagram or the blog, personally I can’t stand busy backgrounds because you lose the focus of the image.

6.       Think outside the box – Don’t always write about what everyone else is too. I recently did a post on my top tips for saving for a deposit, based on my current experience of trying to save for a house. Make your posts personable, let your readers/followers see the real you.

7.       Always check your stats, knowing where in the world your biggest amount of engagement comes from will allow you to tailor your posts to suit – for example mine is mainly the US/UK with Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia etc coming in close behind.

8.       Update your ‘look’, if you’ve had the same blog layout for over 3 years now … switch it up, please. You can download TONES of blog layouts off Etsy for cheap and there so easy to install.

9.        Organise your posts, like this one – I’m currently writing this a week or so in advance so I know exactly how and when to promote it. And let’s be honest, no one likes waiting for a blog post to be published because it isn’t ready to go at normal time.

10.   You don’t need to invest tones of money into fancy camera equipment but if you’re going to use your phone try to make sure the images are as crisp as possible, you don’t want to publish; blurry, out of focus, fuzzy photos! Aesthetics people!!

What are your top tips for a successful blog? Share them down below!
Emma x

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