SCI-MX Convience Range - Part 1

Saturday, 28 May 2016

SCI-MX Convience Range - Part 1

Thanks to the awesome team at SCI-MX, I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some of their products from their convenience range. This included a SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Milkshake, SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Flapjack Bar, SCI-MX PRO 2 GO Cookie, SCI-MX Ultra Whey Protein, SCI-MX XPLODE Pre-Workout and a SCI-MX Women’s Top. So of course I delved straight into the products and started my research into the SCI-MX brand.
Now, because SCI-MX have been ridiculously generous and have given me so much to show you guys, I’ll be splitting this post into 2 parts because I just have too much to say!

SCI-MX Nutrition creates products that are orientated around advanced nutrition for muscle development, physique transformation and also, increased performance. Which personally, are key factors that I look for when finding a new nutrition brand to try out – you only want to give your body the very best! The products taste incredible, as well as having an aesthetically pleasing appearance thanks to their fitness/sports orientated design.

PRO 2 GO Milkshake
Now, the PRO 2 GO Milkshake boasts a huge 22g of Protein per serving which is a massive hit for a 310ml bottle but the taste is second to none. I was expecting this to taste like a traditional protein shake, when mixed with water, very thin and not much flavour but this has exceed my expectations in the best possible ways! The taste is phenomenal and incredibly apparent, thanks to the use of good ingredients. It’s incredibly creamy and the consistency is not as thick as a sort of ice cream shake but not as thin as a traditional protein shake, which was a very pleasant surprise. You can drink these shakes on the go, in between meals, or pre/post workout, I’ve found that having it at that 11:30am hunger craving allows me to feel full until lunch time, which makes my lunch feel like it fills me up even more so. Plus it just tastes like a Yazoo milkshake that you used to have when you where a child, winning!

PRO 2 GO Flapjack
I’ve tried protein bars before; I’ve tried a few different flavours of the Quest nutrition bars and to be honest there not that great so trying the PRO 2 Go Flapjack and seeing if it could convince me to like it would be a challenge in itself!  The bar is made from whey and milk protein and milled natural oats & flaxseed, so you get an incredible amount of good for you carbohydrates in one bar. To be honest, I was expecting this to taste radically sweetened like most flapjacks do but it really doesn’t, the sweetness is there but it doesn’t hit you like a wall. This one bar has 20g of Protein in one serving! Is low in GI carbs, uses natural flavours and aids muscle support, so it’s perfect for a post gym treat! Now, personally I'm not a huge fan of this purely because of the texture more than anything but everything else about it is a huge thumbs up. 

PRO 2 GO Cookie
You mean I can eat a whole cookie and it technically, kind of, not as bad as others, is good for me? Hell’a to the yes!! This cookie is a baked cookie with 23g Protein, natural flavours and has low GI Carbohydrates, which is amazing for those of you who are like me and want to eat all the cookies in the world … at once. The taste doesn’t taste that different to a normal cookie, which was a concern of mine as I didn’t want it to taste different to the foods I already enjoy. I would definitely go for a sweeter one next time, probably a chocolate version but the Oatmeal & Raisin is seriously good.

These products where sent to me by SCI-MX Nutrition, I'm not obligated to show any of these products and will only give my 100% honest review. 

Have you tried SCI-MX Nutrition before? What are your favourite protein products?

Emma x

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