How to Get the Most from Your Day

Saturday, 25 June 2016

How to Get the Most from Your Day

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual” ~ Vince Lombardi

Everyone will always want to get the most out of their day; no one wants to feel unaccomplished or stressed that there not going to get anything done. So today I’m going to go through my top tips for getting the most out of your day, without being stressed and feeling proficient.

GET UP Waking up earlier is an amazing way to get more out of your day because you easily get more of the day. Now I’m not saying wake up at 5am but instead of sleeping in until 10/11am get up at about 8am, you get to ease yourself into the morning and will have more of the day to do things with.

MAKE THE BED The minute you get up, make that bed. Making your bed first thing will instantly help you feel more proficient and be one less thing to do after breakfast. Plus it’ll help your mind feel tidier ~ Cleanliness is next to godliness.

MEAL PREP You haven’t got to go hard core body builder style but if you know you want an omelette in the morning for breakfast, when you’re making dinner the night before chop up your ingredients ready. You’ll then be able to just throw them into the pan and save on time.

TO DO LISTS Don’t make them stupidly long, we all know you’re not going to get all 75 things done in one day. Instead write down your top 5 that HAVE to be done that day, so for me at the weekend that’s; Clean my car, Change the bed sheets, Go to Boots, Do the ironing / washing, and Pay all bills. See, easy and achievable!

TIME MANAGEMENT You don’t have to compromise on quality time to get more into your day, if you’re going to lunch with friends just make a reservation for 12pm instead of 2pm, the earlier you make it the more of the day you’ll have without feeling squeezed.

What are your top tips for getting the most out of your day?

Emma x 

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