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Monday, 13 June 2016

Just Bee Drinks *
Thanks to the awesome team over at Just Bee Drinks, I was recently sent some of their products to try out and show you guys! Now, if you’ve been with me since the beginning you should know by now that even though I was sent these products, it does not alter my opinions on them. I will only ever give you a 100% honest review, and am not obliged to show these products on The Realist Review.

Just Bee Drinks is a range of drinks that are made from Spring water enriched with a single drop of honey; Natural antioxidant & Less than 50 calories per carton. Instead of adding refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, they use a natural ingredient enjoyed by man for over 8000 years… Honey. Inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors, we use just one precious drop for a refreshing spring water drink that’s buzzing with antioxidants!

The spring water that is used in creating these delicious drinks is sourced in Somerset, naturally filtered through mineral-rich rocks that remove all impurities. The fruit juices are never from concentrate and the lovely mixed flower honey is always from British and European beekeepers, so you know you’re not going to be drinking liquid rubbish essentially.
Just Bee Drinks is all about the bees, and if you’re anything like me and you’d run a mile from them but you still want to help them … solution? You can register here, with Just Bee Drinks and you can get a packet of FREE Wildflower Seeds to plant, this way you’re helping to sustain the bees and not getting too close to freak out.  

Lemon & Green Tea

“Bitter Lemon and anti-oxidising Green Tea balanced perfectly with a drop of honey to give a mellow and refreshing drink. Just Bee lovers have told us this one is great for pre work-out hydration. 92% spring water, only 43 calories per carton” – Just Bee Drinks
As commented above I tried this drink before my workout, it was a heavy abs/arms/cardio session, and I can honestly say this is better than a ‘juice cleanse’ I felt like I was  sweating all the badness out of my body and the Lemon & Green Tea really helped with digestion for my post workout meal. The taste, to me, is more on the subtle side but it’s so good. It’s not ridiculously sweet but not unpleasantly bitter either, the honey really does help to smooth out the bitterness in this one.


“Blueberry, another superfood, which we balance with a drop of lemon juice to make this one super thirst quenching. Let us know if it reminds you of a drink from when you were younger! 91% spring water, only 49 calories per carton” – Just Bee Drinks
Hello new favourite drink!! I love Blueberry’s there delicious, and even more delicious when you add them to liquids; So when I saw the Blueberry one I was in seventh heaven. This is ludicrously tasty and so true to flavour.

Apple & Ginger

“A classic combination, but much more light and subtle than a juice drink or ginger ale. Our local deli sells this one by the box-load every lunchtime. Great as a hangover cure we hear too! 86% spring water, only 49 calories per carton” – Just Bee Drinks
 This would so be an amazing hangover cure, it's so zingy! I found this is the best to drink after dinner/lunch as it satisfied my sweet cravings without being sweet. You can really taste the Ginger in this one but the sweetness from the Apple really cuts through the bitterness of it, and the honey almost balances it all. 

Have you tried any of these drinks before? What do you do to help save the bees?

Emma x
These products where sent to me by Just Bee Drinks, I'm not obligated to show any of these products and will only give my 100% honest review.

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