22 Things I Learned at 22

Thursday, 28 July 2016

22 Things I Learned at 22 

1. You have to do things for YOU, even if they hurt the people you care about. 
2. Save, save, save, save, save! The older you get the more expensive life becomes and the more expensive your taste becomes. 
3. Dying your hair isn't always going to end badly ... just make sure you go to a professional. 
4. Your body IS perfect, you just can't see it so try to believe it instead and slowly you'll see.
5. Cut the negative people out of your life, have you ever seen a supportive hater? There jealous!! 
6. Be a sassy b*tch with confidence!! Speaking up and showing your voice to the world will help you to become more confident, stop caring about what people say. 

7. Always help!
8. Following your heart and trusting your gut instinct isn't 'stupid', if you know what you want, go get it!!
9. My dog is the most supportive nonjudgmental caring animal, and I am so thankful for him.
10. You have to hold your tongue a hell of a lot ... It's not fun. 
11. Paying £55 for a facial every 4-5 weeks isn't a waste, it's an invest in you.
12. Going to the gym everyday isn't bad for you, just make sure you don't go overboard!

13. That daily green smoothie WILL pay off in the long run.
14. Pursueing your career dreams will cost you everything but will create endless happiness, and trust me it's worth it.
15. Invest in your skincare, when your old, looking glam and in your sixties you'll be glad you did. And get a skincare routine down!
16. I really don't like Kale ... in any form, and I still don't like Mushrooms.
17. Stay true to who you are.
18. Stand your ground on your beliefs and morals. 

19. Keep doing what makes you happy and you will be noticed and rewarded for it!
20.  Creating The Realist Reveiw is the best thing I've ever done for myself.
21.  Being Mentally ill is not stupid, and you are NOT alone.
22. You CAN overcome any challenge thrown at you.

22? Bring. It. On. 

Emma x

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