Olay Total Effects 7 Eye Transforming Cream

Friday, 15 July 2016

Olay Total Effects 7 Eye Transforming Cream 
I refuse to get old, point blank refuse it’s just not happening. For me, the first signs of aging are the eyes; if you’ve lost the lustre in your eyes then you’ve stopped living life and just exist in it. So when I was on the hunt for a new eye cream I wanted something that was going to keep my looking young and healthy but without being too heavy on anti-aging.

Introducing the Olay Total Effects 7 Eye Transforming Cream this is all-in-one vitamin-rich complex that delivers 7 gentle skin benefits around your eyes, without being too rich that it isn’t absorbed. This eye cream is extremely creamy and a thicker consistency than most, which makes it feel super hydrating on the skin.

This eye cream is clinically proven to;

1.       Reduce puffiness

2.       Renews skin texture

3.       Reduce the appearance of blotchiness

4.       Minimize the appearance of dark circles

5.       Diminish the appearance of fine wrinkles

6.     Give moisture to the epidermis around the eyes

7.     Give skin a radiant appearance

To be fair, I wasn’t super impressed when I first applied this – I did expect some sort of instant result but after continual use I am impressed. The texture under and around my eyes has improved dramatically, especially when applying concealer I feel it doesn’t look as cakey and resemble a crepe. My under eyes look brighter and more like me again, and the general firmness seems to have improved, I don’t feel as though there being dragged down.

Have you tried any Olay prodcuts before? What's your favourite?
Emma x

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