Quay Australia Every Little Thing Cat Eye (Pink Mirror Lenses)

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Quay Australia Every Little Thing Cat Eye (Pink Mirror Lenses)

 It took me forever and a day to decide if I wanted to take the plunge and buy some Quay sunglasses, as I love my Rayban Aviators so much. So when I was having a good root around ASOS, I stumbled across these little lovelies. These are from the brand Quay Australia and are the Every Little Thing Cat Eye (Pink MirrorLenses) version, these are so lightweight it’s unreal.

Looking at the other types online I feared that these would be very heavy and uncomfterably weighty on my face but they are so easy to wear and so unlike what I already have. These sunglasses have total UV protection so will still be protecting your eyes, whilst looking on trend, the pink mirror lenses mean minimal glare and the adjustable silicone nose pads mean you have added comfort.

These sunglasses feel very Dior inspired and the Silver hardware is something I don’t normally turn towards but for some reason it just really worked with these glasses, the grey toned casing gives the sunglasses a much cooler tone and makes them more expensive and luxurious looking. The pink mirrored lenses make these glasses very feminine but also delicate, whilst the tapered silver arms give a secure but fashionable fit.

I must admit the QUAY Australia brand, and these sunglasses in particular, are very blogger forward and I can see myself using these in many a blog post purely because of how pretty they are. The lenses are slightly oversized but don’t seem as big in person, which is a good thing as I was worried that these would over shadow my face. Yes, they may be a fashion trend and I may not even like them by the time next summer comes but for £35 there definitely worth the money!

Do you own any Quay sunglasses? What’s your favourite style?
Emma x

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  1. I absolutely love these sunnies! I tried them on in Topshop a few weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about them!
    Defiantly going to invest at the end of the month!
    Sallie X

    1. Arn't they just the most beautiful! So Instagram worthy, invest Sallie invest! X