At Home Ombre with Jerome Russell *

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

At Home Ombre with Jerome Russell *
I was recently fortunate enough to work with the amazing team at Mosquito and try out some of their Jerome Russell hair products! Now, although the products shown below have been sent to me this does not affect or twist my judgement of the products and their performance. So, let’s get onto the good stuff …

Today I’m trying out the Jerome Russell Maximum Ombre Kit, in Number 1. For ease of show I will not be colouring my own hair, I will be colouring a family member’s hair. This family member has incredibly thick, coarse and extremely long hair so it will be a huge test on the products to see if they can work with her hair!

Pre ombre we did dye her hair all over with a dark brown hair dye to ensure she had no roots and an even base, as prior to this she had purple ombre. I began by combing through the hair to ensure there were no knots or snagging when applying the products, I then sectioned off the hair for a more accurate application and to be able to blend the bleach out on the hair for a graduated effect. So following the instructions in the pack we mixed all the components together to create the ombre bleach, prior to dying the hair I applied the Blending Lotion to each section of hair and then applied the bleach. Now, from personal experience I applied the bleach to the ends of the hair first then graduated it up, this ensured that the ends where lighter and you got more of a graduated effect up the hair. I then used the small brush provided to add flickers of bleach higher than the ombre, so when she moves her hair it captures the light. I then continued doing this and sectioning/brushing each section before applying the Blending Lotion and bleach.
Overall colour post Ombre
After around 20 minutes or we decided that the bleach had taken enough and it was time to wash it off, at first glance with her head over the bath tub it needed toner and I wish this kit came with one as the ombre was very brassy but we persevered and used the Jerome Russell After Care Shampoo and Conditioner, which not only smelt divine it made her hair feel so conditioned and silky which is what you want after bleaching! We then proceeded to blow dry and straighten her hair.
During Ombre process
Post ombre, the blending looked flawless – if I do say so myself – I really do believe the blending lotion helped to create that effortless gradient in her hair but the brassiness was a bit of a let-down, maybe it was our colour choice but I do feel a toner even if it’s just a sachet should be included in the kit. The dye it’s self was super easy to use, the bleach didn’t strip her hair of hydration thanks to the infused avocado oil and after using the aftercare system it looks so shiny and felt luxurious. I think sectioning off the hair from bottom to top and getting someone else to do it does help the process and make it so much easier but from personal experience you can totally do this on your own too! I really am impressed with the overall quality of this kit and the after care products and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a super easy but professional looking ombre!

Have you tried any Jerome Russell products before? Will you be trying their new colours?!

Emma x

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