Finding You, the Real You

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Finding You, the Real You

I feel like we live in a world where you’re expected to be a certain way all of the time, and to show worry or fear or sadness is taken as a sign of weakness when it’s really not. Especially in the world of Blogging/YouTube-ing, we only really show you all the highlights of our day, the super interesting stuff and the stuff that makes us happy. We don’t really show you that the first 5 attempts of that breakfast shot resulted in nearly falling over a chair and getting judgmental looks, or that outfit of the day shot nearly ended up with a shot of us being smushed by a bicycle, or even that casual dog walk photo that took us nearly 20 minutes to perfect to get ‘that’ shot.

Today I wanted to talk to you about finding you, I mean finding the real you. The you that has a passion and a voice, and a certain flare when doing something. It might sound like a load of mumbo jumbo hippy style rubbish but I honestly believe when you find the real you inside, the real you on the outside flourishes.

You are going to have to try a million and one different activities to be able to find the one your passionate about. Or, if you know what you’re passionate about, it may be a case of reigniting that flame within and relearning how to love it again.

Casting judgement is part of who we are as humans, we have the ability to see a scenario and judge either that person or how that situation looks/will turn out. Once you find your passion you probably will be judged but quitting won’t get you anywhere, look at me for example; the amount of judgmental looks and comments I get because I have a passion and a love for blogging is unreal but I refuse to quit and prove all of those people right.

Now I’m not suggesting you do a 28 Day Tea-Tox by any means, they sound nasty but maybe give yourself an hour a week to turn your phone off and just give your passion your all. It’ll be amazing for your eyes to have a rest from a super bright tiny screen and it will give you the freedom and concentration to put everything into that hour.

Learn to love your body and yourself. Super cheese ball I know but once you learn to accept your flaws and enhance your perfections, you’ll see your outer self-flourish. When you can be happy in your own company and your own being, you’ll find everything else just falls nicely into place and you’ll be able to handle things a lot better too.

I found the real me, now it’s time to find the real you.

Emma x 

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