Let’s Talk About Periods with Fab Little Bag*

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Let’s Talk About Periods with Fab Little Bag*

All women have them and they usually start between the ages of 8 – 15 for girls. When you’re younger it’s such a TMI thing to discuss with friends or family but it’s totally okay and isn’t normalised enough! As you get older periods are spoken about in conversation like a passing comment, and it’s so strange that as we get older were less bothered about discussing them.

Fab Little Bag is a tampon disposable bag made from 35% organic material and is oxo-biodegradable, it will sit easily in the palm of your hand with loops for your fingers to slide into to hold it open, this ensures you can dispose of your used tampon and/or sanitary towel easily and fuss free. For hygiene the bag has a secure adhesive strip to ensure it stays closed once used, until you’re near a bin to dispose of it.

I really think these Fab Little Bags’ are perfect for any age group, for us oldies there perfect to keep things discreet when at friends or events and also if you have nosey children or pets around who like to get into everything everywhere there great to keep the bin still looking discreet and hygienic! For younger teens that are just starting to adjust to having periods there perfect too. We all know as a young teen trying to dispose of your sanitary products at school when there are no bins around is the most awkward thing on earth to do, and it’s not the nicest thing to try and disguise but with the fab little bag you can just pop it into your handbag until you get to the bin by the sink and pop it in without anyone knowing anything.  

With this brand you get the choice of 2 sets, the bathroom pack or the handbag pack and both can be utilised for anyone anywhere! The bathroom pack I find it perfect for sitting in the cupboard by toilet and the handbag pack are perfectly discreet for on the go women! And thanks to the versatility of the packs, you can refill your handbag pack so you’re never caught out!

Have you tried a Fab Little Bag? What are your top period tips for young teenagers?

Emma x

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