Let's Talk Weight and the Scales

Monday, 26 September 2016

Let's Talk Weight and the Scales 
Today I wanted to write a post to get our community talking, today I want to talk about your weight and the dreaded scales. This topic will be a very controversial one amongst everyone, as everyone will have different opinion on what they think their weight means but today I just want to highlight my recent experience and what I think's happening with the information we're given/what social medias' portrays. 

I recently went to the doctors for some more medication and as part of medication renewal I have my blood pressure and weight done, to ensure the medication has made no changes to my body and also to ensure I'm doing okay in general. I have maintained the same weight for the past 3-5 years now, I may fluctuate ever so but I will always maintain my happy weight. So, when I went on the scales and they calculated my BMI based on my weight and height I was told I was overweight by 1.3 on the BMI scale .... with my healthy weight range is 8st 3lb to 11st 2lb. According the NHS website I have a BMI of 22.5, which contradicts the doctors BMI calculator. 

Personally, I don't listen to the scales and I never will. I will always eat intuitively and try to exercise every day, between the gym and the dog I think i have good balance. But, it did get me thinking about weight in general and the effect someones words can have on a persons perspective. If a doctor would have said this to a 14 year old girl and/or boy who was actually a healthy weight or underweight but the BMI came out as 'overweight', they'd be petrified. It would completely change their attitude towards eating and weight because they haven't got the wealth of knowledge older adults have yet. 
Telling someone there overweight/underweight or even judging and commenting on someone's weight can cause so many issues like body dysmorphia and eating disorders!! And I don't think us a society, and even now after my experience Doctors alike realise the impact this can have on someones mental state. I could of gone away from my doctors and a started to go diet and exercise crazy trying to loose the weight, and as a Personal Trainer in training I know this isn't sustainable and just messes up your body incredible amounts and sometimes it can be irreversible! But thankfully I'm strong minded, thanks Dad, and I know what I feel is a healthy weight and I will not loose weight to conform with what they believe to be an 'average weight' for my body because I know from stupid experience 8stone 5lbs does not look good. 

And, yes I know Social Media can play a huge part in body dysmorphia and unrealistic expectations and wanting to look like 'that' insta-grammer but it's not healthy, it's not healthy for your mind but we're guilty of doing it (including myself). So next time you see your favourite social media star posting a body image photo/video, don't worry, don't compare and don't put yourself down. Your body is slammin' as it is and it's hot, and sexy, and beautiful and no one can make you feel any other way. Please don't take life so literally, your  body is this amazing machine and trying to starve it for days on end will only cause damage to your internal systems and your mental systems. 

So, this is me, in all my 'overweight' glory and I love my body and I'm happy with my body. 
What is your favourite thing to say to someone about their body? 
Emma x

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