The £1.50 Beauty Tool You Need

Saturday, 10 September 2016

The £1.50 Beauty Tool You Need

This is the £1.50 Primark beauty tool you NEED in your life, like actually NEED. This piece of bobbly plastic shaped half egg has changed the way I clean my makeup brushes and for a £1.50 Primark impulse purchase, that’s not bad going. 

As you can guess from the title, this little plastic sphere was a mere £1.50 from my local Primark Coventry, and after seeing all the hype from the RT Brush Cleansing Palette and then seeing the price tag I was astonished that Primark did a dupe! In a much more ergonomic size too. If you’re like me and just have a few of the everyday make up brushes in your collection, then this little tool will be perfect for you but if you’re an avid make up brush collector then maybe the larger RT Brush Cleansing Palette would be more suitable for you.

The different textured surface on this tool allows me to thoroughly cleanse my brushes of the entire makeup gunk within them, and I’ve never seen so much come out of them! I clean my brushes fairly regularly as I believe that the product build up affects the performance of the brush but I’ve never cleaned them and had them look as clean as this before. To use this beauty tool I fill a sink with hot water, not too hot to burn my hands but very very warm, I then apply some make up cleanser to the brush and work it in, then the fun part gets to happen. Once I’ve worked the product into the brush, I dip my beauty tool into the warm water and swirly my brush all over it, working it into the grooves and nodules and the amount of rubbish that comes out is unreal.

This really is the £1.50 Beauty Tool everyone, no matter what skill level needs in their kits and to be able to stock up on them from your local Primark, will make them the perfect Christmas stocking filler!

Have you tried any Primark beauty products before?

Emma x

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