What I’ve learnt after 1 Year of Blogging

Friday, 23 September 2016

What I’ve learnt after 1 Year of Blogging
In May 2016 The Realist Review celebrated it’s first birthday and it celebrated with it’s first giveaway, which was an amazing success! I will always try to keep in engagement with you guys and the winner of the giveaway has gone on to recently have a beautiful healthy baby boy! So today I wanted to reflect on what blogging and you have taught me as we approach our 2nd birthday;

1.    You don’t have to be the perfect blogger; you’ll make mistakes and forget to publish a post or it not sound/look how you wanted it to and that’s okay because the next post will push you to drive further.

2.    Your blogging community is amazing and they’ve got your back, from ideas to fails to advice on how to get the perfect outfit shot. The blogging community is the strongest I’ve ever felt.

3.    Being a part of a community as passionate about something as you are is the most incredible feeling in the world.

4.    You don’t need to have an Instagram ‘theme’ make your social media accounts reflect your blog, your life doesn’t have a theme so why should your passion.

5.    Your inspiration can come from something as silly as crying over a film; all of a sudden you’ll write the most passionate post you’ve ever written.

6.    Trying to attend a blogging event is like trying to find gold dust, I want to attend blogging events to build my confidence and trying to find them before they’ve sold out is like trying to find a unicorn.

7.    People who aren’t interested in Blogging/Social Media won’t understand your passion and that’s okay, focus on the people that do.

8.    Sometimes you’ll loose the love and it’s okay because when it comes back it’ll be stronger than ever.

9.     Your social media followings will be like a rollercoaster depending on what you post, you’d be surprised at you yourself even do it!

10.   Blogging will be the scariest thing you ever decide to do but the most rewarding and amazing at the same time.

What's the best thing you've learnt from blogging or from a blogger?

Emma x

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  1. Really enjoyed this post and it's made me feel so much better about carrying on with blog. I've been doubting my blog lately and considered giving up before I've even really started as I'm only at about 3 months so thank you :) Jess xxx

    1. Jess you are killing it! Your blog looks amazing!!
      Never doubt your blog or yourself, when the time comes it will be the right moment and everything will change for the better. Believe in yourself and believe in your blog, because you will achieve some amazing things xxx