How to Overcome Bloggers Block

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

How to Overcome Bloggers Block 

Bloggers block or writers block is the bane of every publishers life, it stops you dead in your tracks and takes an age to get over it! So, today I thought we'd talk about what to do when it strikes and how to get re-inspired. It's okay to admit that you've lost inspiration, it happens to all of us and it's what makes us human. 

1. Have a browse; Browsing through other bloggers sites or websites that your interested in/what you blog about will allow you to get inspired by what others write. Not only that but photography is a great way to get inspired, visual inspiration is all around you!  

2. Make social media your bestie; Using Instagram/Twitter hashtags is a great way to find more images relating to your blog #Fashion #Inspo #Beauty Just type in what your interested in and you'll find so many photos and like minded people bursting with inspiration! 

3. Get out; Get out from under your desk and go to town. Grab a coffee and sit and watch the world go by, you'll be surprised at what behaviours, clothing, accessories, make up that people wear can make your brain start going into creativity overload. 

4. Google; If your anything like me and need inspiration literally thrown in your face, then Google will be your best friend. Using phrases like 'Beauty Bloggers Block' will bring you up with one thousand and one different blog post ideas and don't worry, we all need the help sometimes! 

5. Just write; Start writing what your passionate about and the words will flow! It could be anything from your favourite fitness moves to raising awareness of something you've experienced, you'll be surprised how much your readers will respond to it. 

6. Take a break; Walk away from your laptop, tablet, computer, phone and take a break from trying so hard. Your ideas will end up flooding to you when your super relaxed sat there with a cup of tea or doing something else, when your not stressing about writing the words will flow. 

What are your top tips for getting over bloggers block?

Emma x

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