Jesmond Dene House with Scarlett PR * - The Evening

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Jesmond Dene House with Scarlett PR * - The Evening 
Jesmond Dene House, Jesmond Dene Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2EY

In October I was fortunate enough to spend a night at the beautiful Jesmond Dene House in Newcastle upon Tyne, arranged by the amazing team at Scarlett PR whom I’ve been fortunate enough to work with on this post.

Jesmond Dene House is a 4 star boutique hotel located in the leafy setting near the heart of the city. The house is rich in history and is neither a townhouse nor a country house hotel, it feels very much so like a grand luxurious lodge. The hotel is a late Victorian lodge built by Lord Armstrong the armaments magnate, who became a multi-millionaire after the profits from the American Battle of Gettysburg, for which he supplied both sides with their weapons. The house it’s self still contains incredibly historic features but offers understated luxury as standard, and the most unbelievable food I’ve ever tasted. The house overlooks the wooded valley of Jesmond Dene and this guarantees you a refreshing, peaceful stay, steeped in nature and luxury.

Upon arrival we parked our car in the private car parking provided by Jesmond Dene House, to walk up to an incredibly grand entrance of to which we were met by the lovely staff - who can’t offer to do enough for you. From there we checked in and where shown up to our room, walking through corridors with high ceilings and historic fixtures, we were fortunate enough to be provided with a Deluxe Room and when they say deluxe they do mean deluxe, I felt like royalty. Upon entering the room you’re immediately met with the grandness of the d├ęcor but the modernised look of today, to our left was a beautiful bathroom that just oozed luxury and as we walked in awe through our room we where met by the king size bed and seating area, never have I been so impressed by a hotel room before. 

As we arrived on a Sunday afternoon, after previously staying a night at a little hotel in the city centre, we were met by the warming smells of dinners being cooked; and we were famished. And in traditional English style none the less than a classic Sunday roast was on the menu for us to enjoy, provided by the hotel, we dumped all our luggage in our room freshened up and went down for dinner at 5pm. Now the staff at Jesmond Dene House are faultless and can't do enough for you, so as we sat down and ordered our food we where given a bit of history about the house and also a back story behind the food, which is always a pleasure to hear. Dinner consisted of Corn fed Chicken, with Duck fat roasted potatoes, a mix of seasonal Vegetables, Mashed potato - of course, the most divine Gravy I've ever tasted and quite possibly the worlds biggest Yorkshire Pudding - it should be in the Guinness World Records. The food is nothing like anything you've ever tasted before, every single piece of food on the plate worked in complete harmony with each other and made you crave more, everything was cooked to perfection and the meat was the most juicy I've ever had, which is a bold statement for someone who eats so much chicken. After dinner we tucked in desert and drinks, of course, and I went straight in for the Chocolate Truffle with Beetroot mouse and Beetroot ice cream, strange you may say? No, beautifully exquisite. 

After dinner, drinks and a mooch around the house whilst feeling incredibly full, we returned back up the grand staircase up to our room and decided to use the beautiful products left for us by Jesmond Dene House and have the most luxurious bubble bath in the worlds most perfect bath. The product I used was from The White Company and it was the NOIR Amber, Mandarin & Sandalwood shower/bath soak and it produced the most incredibly delicious smells, I've never smelt such a collection of warm, soft but edgey smells before and the Sandalwood really does come through so perfect whilst your soaking your worries away. After a relaxing bath and nourishing my body with the stunning body lotion to match, I slipped into the dressing gown provided by Jesmond Dene House and jumped into bed with a cup of tea and a hydrating face mask to begin my relaxing evening. The bed was a stunning king size with crisp white sheets and dark plum accent pillows to contrast, with a soft grey throw and headboard to add some subtle grey hues to tie the room together and with a striking red chasie long across the foot of the bed for the ultimate climb into the sheets. 

Keep an eye out for Thursday's post, they'll be a lot of food and unexpected guests! 

Will you be taking a weekend away at Jesmond Dene House? 

Emma x

*This post is sponsored by Scarlett PR but all opinions are my own

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