Jesmond Dene House with Scarlett PR * - The Morning

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Jesmond Dene House with Scarlett PR * - The Morning 

Awakening in Jesmond Dene House is an indulgence, hearing absolutely nothing as you wake up is a rarity and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve never heard. Waking up in an absolute pitch black room with not even a peep from people outside of your room is blissful and the most perfect thing I've never experienced. 

Waking up to your own body clock in the most beautiful deluxe room at Jesmond Dene House is an absolutely stunning experience and has really set the tone for my mood since. Once woken and a bit worse for wear looking we had our room service delivered, and it looked heaven on a breakfast tray. I myself of course went for the best tasting Eggs Benedict with a fruit smoothie and a bowl of mixed berries with seeds and my partner went for Coco pops to please his inner child, fruit salad, chocolate muffin and a freshly squeezed orange juice and Jesmond Dene House do not skimp on portion sizes either! After tackling the mountain and sitting in a food coma for several minutes, we go showered and changed and decided to take a nosey around the house and discover all it's secrets. 

If you've ever wanted a more beautifully perfect blogger photoshoot setting, you won't have to look any further because I've found it for you. The house is filled with original features, floods of light, high ceilings and is crammed full of local artists work! Every corner of the house has it's own little quirky feature, as you turn one corner you come into see the most beautiful grand fireplaces I've ever had the pleasure of laying my eyes on, around another corner is a picture-esk Harry Potter looking winding stair case, and around another corner is the main hall getting filled with furniture and decorations ready for another wedding. 

Strolling around the outside of the house feels like your in a fairy tale, the new modern extensions on the house don't deter from it's true historic beauty. The big leafy gardens surrounding the house make you feel so secluded and almost like your the only people on earth in this one little space of the earth, it's a very magical and emotionally positive feeling. The original brickwork against us new age people looks remarkable and seeing everyone tucking into their breakfasts downstairs looking out onto the dark leafy gardens and the dene is a warming sight to see, parents with children, couples, and even the older couples that you aspire to grow up like. 

The hotel incorporates all the little touches that you don't normally expect a hotel too, incorporating art work from local residents and showcasing there talents! These little touches are scattered all over the hotel which make it feel so much more homily and really welcoming. Other little touches include the unexpected resident, Riley. Riley moved into Jesmond Dene House around 2 years ago after continuously leaving his owners house to go to the dene, he ended up being a soft spot with all the staff and now has his own little home just outside the front entrance to the right. So if you come up to the dene don't forget to come and say hello to Riley! He's the sweetest staff member you'll ever meet. 

So, will you be taking the plunge and dipping into the Dene's luxury? 

Emma x

*This post is sponsored by Scarlett PR but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. I love this style of place, the photos are great ! But the dog is weird :)
    See you soon,