How Do You Balance Blogging

Thursday, 15 December 2016

How Do You Balance Blogging

The question a lot of bloggers get asked is how do you balance blogging with everyday life, or being a parent, or working a full time job. It can be hard and it can be stressful, especially if you have deadlines with brands to meet or loose your blogging idea mojo so today we're going to talk about my top tips on how to help you blog and balance. So, let's begin ... 

- Take your time, don't try and cram writing two blog posts into half an hour because it won't flow and you won't love it. Just breath. 
- Plan ahead, write lists, write memos, plan your week and know what you want to do on the days you want to do it. 
- Do a little often, it may only be a paragraph during that 30 minute lunch break but it's something!
- Use time to your advantage, get a little bit of work done in between tasks. Yes that does mean in between your vlogmas marathons. 

- Use weekend mornings to your advantage!! Use those Saturday/Sunday mornings to take ALL your product shots. You'll be surprised how much this can help you.
- Only do what you love, if your writing a post and are not completely in love with what your writing, stop. Stop right now, because chances are it will take 1 million years to finish writing. 
- Keep a couple of back up posts in your drafts, for those times that you won't have enough time you can always fall back on your draft.
- Scheduling your posts will allow you to go about your day and not worry about when the post will be published, especially if you can't get on the internet. 

- Dedicate one day a week, just an hour or so, to purely editing your photos. This allow you to write your blog posts around the images and the words will flow. Trust me. 
- Stick to a routine, don't try and post every single day if you know you can't. Explain to your readers that you will be posting on certain days and your consistency will be so much easier. 
- Carry a notebook or create a notes section in your phone for your blogging ideas, the best ideas come to us when we least expect it. 
- Finally, enjoy your blog. There's no point doing anything if you don't enjoy it!!

What are your tips for balancing your blogging? 

Emma x

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