NYX Professional Make-Up - Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

Monday, 26 December 2016

NYX Professional Make-Up - Highlight & Contour Pro Palette 

So I'm kind of getting into this whole contouring game properly now and actually take doing a full face of make up seriously, and when I saw seriously I mean I have figured out how to contour my nose! Praise the lord. As i'm wandering around Boots I've seen this NYX palette featured a lot around the place, so I've picked it up and have fallen in love. Why did no one tell me about this brand sooner?

This is the NYX Professional Make-Up - Highlight & Contour Pro Palette, it's named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night! NYX's make up is all about combining beauty and power, with long lasting formulas, incredibly rich pigmented products, and a super long lasting formula so that even without a setting spray you be slaying all night long!

This palette has eight shades and is incredible value for money too. The shades are a combination of highlighter shades, setting shades and contour shades so there's everything you need in a full palette! The eight shades are left to right;

 Ice Queen - Soft Light - Cream - Nectar 
Tan - Toffee - Sculpt - Hollow 

The powders are extremely smooth and pigmented, they glide onto the skin and blend out beautifully. There's no powdery cake looking finish to the skin, you can apply a light coverage or build for a fuller coverage and the lighter powders can also be used to set concealer! The longevity of this palette is unreal it lasts all day long and I've worn this to a few events/Christmas markets and it's just lasted and lasted!! 

Have you tried a NYX product before? 

Emma x

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