Using Minimal Pieces to create Maximum Statements

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Using Minimal Pieces to create Maximum Statements 

Winter is all about the finer details the little touch of ribbon on the Christmas presents, the addition of an extra candle on the fireplace, the extra sprinkle of spice on your Christmas pudding. So, today's post is dedicated to the finer touches that we add to our outfits that give the maximum statement with minimal effect.

I've always found rings as a super easy way to dress up an outfit because you do everything with your hands and there always on show, so lets look at my absolute favourites. Now Pandora is a must for simple but beautiful layering pieces and is they always have a really nice price range for everyone's budgets. QVC Diamonique gives you the luxury look of real diamonds without the hefty price tag, and the pieces always look stunning with any outfit - trust me. And last but not least, the high street New Look's sterling silver range! These dainty little pieces are so easy to layer but also create the illusion of a super expensive look. 

Layering's of these different types and styles of rings creates interest within an outfit and draws the eyes to the hands, so all the detail and attention is consistently on show. Little touches like these will also allow you to wrap up warm and wear super cute things like hand warmers without compromising on style, so if your a high flying fashionista then these are the minimal details for your maximum statement. 

What are your favourite minimal pieces for the maximum statement? 

Emma x

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