What a Week without Make-up Taught Me

Sunday, 4 December 2016

What a Week without Make-up Taught Me 

So after having a day of rubbish news, the next morning I did my eyebrows and mascara and then looked at my make up bag and chucked it to one side. I decided screw it, lets do a no make up day (Something I don't tend to do in public) and it ended up being a whole week and the rest! So today I wanted to show you what a week of no make up taught me about myself.... 

1. I am self-confident and that's totally cool to say. 
2. Those monthly facials really do work!!
3. Make up isn't everything. 
4. It's nice to give your skin a break from art. 
5. When you do wear make up, it feels weird

6. But it's like painting art on your face and you end up taking more time doing it. 
7. No one will judge you, or your skin. 
8. You'll notice how many other people have no make up days around you. 
9. You'll save a bit of money from not using it every single day. 
10. Your natural skin will improve and you'll see the difference, yes in a week. 

So a week of no make up taught me how to be completely self-confident and showed me how incredible my skin is, and how unbelievably amazing it is as repairing it's self. Sooo go on try it, do a week of no make up and show me how you feel!

Emma x 

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