Good For You Treats | SCI-MX Nutrition Launches *

Monday, 23 January 2017

Good For You Treats | SCI-MX Nutrition Launches 

SCI-MX Nutrition have hooked me up and have sent me there new launches, which in it's self is super exciting! So this box contains the best naughty treats that are actually going to aid your training but satisfy that sweet tooth, so lets take a look ... 

The Oat Bakes are the most filling things you'll ever eat! There's the Cookies & Cream, which is so so good for a real treat and the Strawberry Cheesecake for those of you who don't like chocolate or would prefer something a bit more sweet. Cookies & Cream is a very sweet soft and chewy bar that has a huge 15g of Protein and is low in sugar, whereas the Strawberry Cheesecake is sweet but to me is more savoury so is perfect for a mid morning snack and this also packs a massive 15g of Protein and is low in sugar! 

* These Oat Bakes will have launched on 16th January 2017 * 

You all know the Strawberry shakes are my all time favourite! But the cookies do come in a close second and now that there's the mini cookies it's like an even better good for you naughty treat. These cookies have 15g of Protein per 50g Mini Cookie and are low in sugar which is so good for people that want to make a more conscious treat decision. 

* These Oat Bakes will be launching on 23rd January 2017 * 

Will you be trying any of the new releases? 

Emma x

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