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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Natural Collection Brow Gel | The Dupe

We're all on the hunt for perfect brows, that stay in place all day and look fierce as. Personally I'm a huge fan of the Benefit brow range but when I saw this little number in Boots I knew I had to try it because £1.99 sounded too good to be true, and if you can dupe a higher end product and save some money who wouldn't!

This is the Boots Natural Collection Brow Gel in Dark Brown, first up Dark Brown was not my best life choice... This is brow gel aims to slightly tint your brows, hold them in place without making them look crispy or crunchy, which for me is a pet hate. The actual product is incredibly pigmented and maybe I should of gone for the lighter option as this product does come out very thick on the applicator and can be slightly too much without wiping onto a tissue first.   

The applicator on the brush is much larger than your usual eyebrow spoolie and is more like a small or mini mascara brush, now this can hinder your application as a lot of product gets applied to your brows without building. I've found this is best used with an angled brow brush or smaller spoolie and swooping it through the brows, for a sharpened more defined stay all day shape. The consistency of the product is very loose and liquid like, and not as thick as you'd expect which means when you first take it out it does splatter onto your hands a bit. The gel does make your brows stay in place all day without budging but application can be a faff for people in a rush!

Have you tried the Natural Collection dupe?

Emma x

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