Saving for a Home | My Top Tips

Monday, 16 January 2017

Saving for a Home | My Top Tips 

Saving for a home? Finding it as difficult as I am? Well today I wanted to share my top tips and money saving tricks to help you get there faster and in a more financially secure way, plus these tips will save you money in the long run too, er hello bonus.

Start looking to government schemes, there's tones of schemes available to first time buyers provided by the government to help you get your dream home and some of them are ridiculously good! 

Create a 'bottom draw', find a box and every week or every month start adding to it. This could be a cutlery set, a potato masher, some cleaning clothes, body wash, a tin of beans, all the little things that you probably won't realise you need until you need it and all the shops are closed. Trust me, this will save you an expense when you go to buy your first home!

Put a little away every payday! Whether that's weekly or monthly take as much as you can afford to take out and put it into a savings account.

Save yourself some yearly money by buying  presents for Christmas in advance, Boots always have a fab sale on and you can get tones of gift sets in advance.

Get a bonus card, myself and my partner have an Iceland Bonus Card this enables us to load money onto the card every payday and by doing a little every month we can have a couple of months shopping already paid for!

Use birthdays and Christmas to your advantage, I know you want that Prada handbag but could you maybe do without that and ask for those Nothern Nights bed sheets instead? You only have to sacrifice a little to gain a lot. 

What are your top money saving tips for first time buyers?

Emma x

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  1. I feel your struggle!! My fiancé and I are desperately trying to save for our first home whilst also trying to pay for a wedding. We received so many homeware engagement gifts, now we just need a house of our own to put them in! haha, we'll get there!
    Erin x
    This Old Joy

    1. Oh Erin!! You definitely will and I bet you'll get there sooner than you both realise! Your doing amazingly x