The Post-Christmas Detox Plan

Thursday, 5 January 2017

The Post-Christmas Detox Plan 

So, Christmas is over and yes you may have over indulged just a little but hey, that's life and now your thinking new year new me, am I right? Well, before you go speeding off to join that gym and only end up going for 2 months let's try some post-christmas detoxing. You'll be surprised what it'll do for your body and mindset. Let's start with eliminating the negatives...

Wheat & Dairy: This week, remove wheat and dairy foods from your diet. These are two of the most common food allergens which - without you even realising it - could be leaving you feeling bloated, fatigued and even contribute to food cravings. Wheat-based foods such as breads, pasta and some breakfast cereals can easily be replaced with wheat-free alternatives: rice cakes, rye and corn-based cereals and porridge oats.

Refined Carbohydrates: Cut out cakes and/or biscuits and any other 'junk' foods you are partial too. Try to snack on fruit, vegetables and add plenty of steamed vegetables to your meal choices to fill yourself up. This will also be super beneficial to your skin!

Saturated Fats: Butter, margarine, all fried foods, mayonnaise and crisps are off the menu while you're detoxing. You should use a little olive oil or flaxseed oil (available from healthfood shops) to dress salads and cooked vegetables.

Additives: Avoid all artificial preservatives and additives including sugar. In fact, to make life easy, avoid all ready meals and packaged foods for the duration of your detox. Wherever possible choose organic products this will not only support fair farming but also aid your digestion. 

Drinks: Avoid tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, full-strength fruit juice and squashes. Instead, drink a minimum of 2 litres of room temperature water throughout the day, plus dandelion tea, herbal teas, diluted fruit juices, and cleansing apple cider vinegar in warm water if you feel like it.

Detox Booster Tips!

Have a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon to cleanse your system.

Take 1tsp of milk thistle complex (available from health food stores and herbalists) in half a glass of room temperature water to stimulate liver function and control cravings 15 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Take 2tsp of psyllium husks (also available from health food stores) in a large glass of water to aid the detoxification process and improve bowel function. Now wait 15 minutes before having breakfast.

Have two pieces of fruit mid-morning.

Mix 2tsp of superfoods greens powder (available from the health food storeinto apple juice and water, drink mid-afternoon to aid detoxification and provide valuable nutrients.

Try to have two servings of fresh, stewed or baked fruit after dinner.

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