What Being Fired Taught Me

Monday, 30 January 2017

What Being Fired Taught Me  

Some of you may never have to experience the feeling of being fired, sitting there opposite your boss/people you work(ed) with and getting told that they won't be keeping you on or they don't think your the right fit. It's rubbish, it really is the worst feeling in the world and the emotions you feel during it are indescribable. So today I wanted to share what my time of unemployment taught me about myself and about life. 

Money & Budgeting 

This is going to be an immediate concern of everyone's when it comes to being fired, and unless you've got a leprechaun sitting in the bottom of your cupboard your going to panic. Alongside hustling for funds in all little hideaways and not knowing where my next paycheck was coming from budgeting becomes your best friend. I budgeted for food, rent, car/phone/gym payments, everything!! I even had to put my credit card payment on minimum payment for a while too and budgeting has showed me how little money you have can suddenly become so much money to play with. 

Exploring Your Hobbies

My new found unemployment has allowed me to pour so much time into my blogging, not only to work on the blogs' layout but to think about what posts I want to write, how I want to write them, what kind of theme I want to create working with brands and how I want to portray them. It's really enabled me to get my creative juices flowing again and getting my blogging mojo back. 

Stick to a Schedule 

During my early panic phase, I started to wake up later and later past my normal working alarm and I began to loose routine!! I quickly discovered that I crave structure in my life, and for this you'll find your own groove as we all do but I personally found that getting into the gym for 6:30am and getting out by 8:00am helped me feel to have some more control over my life. 

Take A Trip, or Two 

This might see completely counteractive to the previous comments but travelling for many of us is a time restricted luxury, and when employed your normally restricted to what days you can take and when you can take them but when your unemployed your free, you could go tomorrow. What's stopping you? Go!! Explore, Learn, Nurture your explorative side! 

Remember, Your Not Defined by your Job 

You, I, We, Us as a collective are not defined by the jobs we do. They don't define us and being fired does not define the person we are. 

So, what have you learned through being fired?

Emma x

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