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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Keeping Healthy On The Go | GymstopUK 

Keeping healthy on the go is so hard nowadays especially when there's so many 'bad for you' foods surrounding you, and even some 'healthy' options are crammed full of rubbish so having healthy options in your bag will help to keep you on track! In todays post I want to show you some of my favourite healthier on the go options thanks too Gymstop UK. 

Now, my favourite newly discovered protein shake blend is from USN, the Diet Whey Isolean in Cookies & Cream. Now this blend of shake satisfies any sweet cravings I have but also tastes so clean and not like your usual powdery shake blends. Having a sandwich bag full of a scoop of this blend makes it so much easier to travel with, especially when you know you can grab a bottle of water at the nearest shop, shake and go! 

For those days when I literally need to grab and go, these PHD Diet Whey Shakes are perfect! Keeping a few of these in my fridge is fab for convince and days where I'm literally back to back running around everywhere. Plus the CNP Pro Flapjacks are super convenient for handbag days, small and travel friendly they have a high protein content with a low fat and low sugar, which makes an on the go treat a healthier option apposed too that super sugary chocolate bar or sweet.

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