My First Surgery | Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Monday, 6 February 2017

My First Surgery | Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

At the ripe old age of 22 I've never had a surgery, I've never been admitted to hospital and had someone put me to sleep to perform a surgery until 25th January 2017. As I was researching my operation, although routine, I discovered there's nothing really out there for people who haven't had surgery before, no information, no discussion of feelings, nothing. There's also nothing on the after effects of wisdom teeth surgery, or what works for the swelling etc, so today I wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully put into perspective what it's really like. 


From midnight Tuesday I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything, and could only have black tea/black coffee/water up until 6:00am on the morning of my surgery. My surgery was a day surgery and thankfully was scheduled for 7:30am, this way I got it over and done with and also if you speak to your surgeon and tell them that your anxious you can get moved up the list a bit. Upon my surgery I was given a local anaesthetic to put me to sleep and this way you don't feel or know anything that's happening, this was injected into the back of my hand. 

Day 1 - Post Surgery 

Oh my goodness anaesthetic what a cruel thing you are. Most people are 100% fine with a general anaesthetic and can recover straight away with no side effects but oh no, not me my body decided to reject it completely and I felt all kinds of sickness, headaches, and diziness. To be discharged from day surgery the general rule is to be able to walk to and go to the toilet this just gives the nurses a general idea and trying to do so made me violently ill, but this did make me feel much much better coincidentally. 

Friday - Bruising Began 
Friday - Bruising Began
Following Days

To be perfectly honest, I don't really remember Wednesday (post operation) / Thursday as I slept 99% of the day and Friday I was asleep 50% of the day. On the Wednesday I managed luke warm soup in the evening and it tasted amazing! Thursday I didn't eat all day apart from some mash and cheesy beans in the evening for dinner and Friday following on I managed to eat relatively okay. But fast forward too Sunday/Monday the pain has returned and I'm struggling to eat again due to the aching feeling in my jaw. 

Saturday / Sunday - Bruising Developed 
Saturday / Sunday - Bruising Developed 
Swelling & Bruising 

Swelling started immediately after surgery and did get worse the following day but to be honest it wasn't as bad as expected! The swelling was more frontal and profile on the jaw but oddly the swelling was more painful than the inside of the mouth where the stitches are. Skip ahead to Friday/Saturday and the bruising started ... I look like I've had a round with Mike Tyson and failed. Bruising started out very green and turned into a purple/bloodshot mixture and has now migrated back into the green colour ... lush! 

So, my first EVER surgery was a success but I wouldn't go rushing back into it any time soon! If your having your wisdom teeth out don't threat, your nurses will be amazing to you and it WILL go as expected. 

What was your first surgery? 

Emma x

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