Being Together for 4 Years | What Life's Taught Me

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Being Together for 4 Years | What Life's Taught Me 

Sharing apart of your life with someone for no matter how much time it is and no matter who it is you share it with, is a lot to give and a lot of us learn a lot of things about ourselves during this time. So, today I wanted to talk through today all the things I've learnt in the 4 years of being with my other half. 

Having alone time is blissful, I love my other half I do but sometimes time out from them is amazing to have. 

You have to be strong when sometimes being strong is your only choice. 

You learn to appreciate the little things about your other half and yourself. 

It's nice to have someone to talk too about anything and everything, and when they understand it makes it all even better. 

The friends you make in a relationship know you better than most, and it's kind of scary. 

Trust isn't everything, but being open and honest is a big deal. 

Opposites DO attract ... We are complete opposites but somehow we've glued. 

You can't make someone change, you can guide them but you can't make them. 

Comparison is a killer, comparing your relationship / life / love / fashion / beauty / goals to someone elses' is NOT healthy. 

What have you learnt since being in a relationship?

Emma x

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