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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

How To Get Re-Motivated | Living Realistically 

As some of you may have noticed, I've recently taken a month off from training at the gym due to the biggest funk going and it's sucked but I've very recently got back into the swing of things and have been training again. So today i wanted to talk you through how I got back into my routine and how I rediscovered my motivation! 

Hit rock bottom and get up! It took me being fired from my previous job and being unemployed to hit rock bottom and from there I've decided to get back up and be a kick ass with a great ass. 

Listen to mindful books and everything will make so much more sense! I've recently discovered Gabby Bernstein's book The Universe Has Your Back and it's overhauled my life and made me see so much sense of everything!! 

Getting your diet in check before you get back into the gym is crucial, if your not supporting your body correctly you won't see results and your body will not be able to function at it's best. 

Do a straight week of cardio, nothing but cardio. Sound crazy? Yes it is but once you've done a week of being exhausted and working the negativity out of your system, everything else will be an absolute breeze!

Giving up is not an option, and don't even let yourself believe it is ... ever. 

Don't listen to what anyone else says, there all stupid for even commenting on your lifestyle and your choices. Only ever do what makes YOU happy. 

Don't do it for an event or a holiday, do it for you. Your dream body should be a lifestyle not a half way pit stop until next summer. 

Remember, it doesn't get easier. You just get so much stronger. 

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