How to do 'Being Ill' | The Ultimate Guide

Monday, 15 May 2017

How to do 'Being Ill' | The Ultimate Guide 

My partner was recently discharged from hospital and has now passed on his illness too me, so as I'm stuck in the house for a week lonely and with nothing to do. Lets discuss how to do being ill properly, and I mean the super luxurious way! 

Get comfy! Get those old bedsheets off and get some fresh beautiful smelling new ones on! Trust me, something as simple as this can make you feel 1000 times better.

Get into the bath, a super bubbly one, and relax for a while. Your ill so it doesn't matter how long your in there for, just breath. 

Get your most luxuriously comfy clothes or pj's on and your most comfy underwear! Or if you prefer, go commando. I'm not judging 

Your not going to be moving a whole lot whilst your ill so use your time wisely, stick a video or two on and do some super light Yoga to stretch your body and keep your muscles active. This will stop you feeling achey and tight. 

Use light body sprays or body oils instead of perfumes to keep yourself smelling like roses and also give the idea that you do ill fabulously. 

Being ill is your chance to eat your comfort food too, so make sure you get an extra big helping of that Macaroni Cheese! 

Light all the candles and get your Instagram game going strong, there not only comforting but will give you some great shots. 

Same goes for green tea, amazing health benefits for when your poorly and also provides some great #Healthy Twitter. 

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