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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Budgeting in Your First Home | Adulting 101

So, your first home. Exciting right? What's not exciting is the sudden realisation that you'll have to pay for everything on your own or halved with your partner or room mate ... I know it's daunting and scary and everything in-between, so today I wanted to go through my top tips on how to budget and still live your life!

NUMBER ONE ... If your not using it, turn it off / unplug it you don't need to be paying for unused electric or gas! Are you crazy? 

Cheaper supermarkets will be your best friend, in the UK places like Lidl & Aldi are bloody brilliant for all your common supermarket foods for a quarter and sometimes even less than that for the price. 

Meal planning for the week will ensure you don't overspend on foods that you won't utilise! 

Buy energy saving appliances, like light bulbs ... you'd be amazed at how much they'll bring the cost down. 

Meal prepping some larger amounts will not only save you money but also save you time! Making a bulk of tomato pasta sauce and then freezing it will ensure you always have it on tap opposed too buying jar sauce. 

Buying from new doesn't always have to be the case, ask family and friends if they have anything unwanted they would like to donate! 

Second hand shops or online sites like Gumtree are great ways of buying (sometimes) brand new furniture for a quarter of the price. 

Plan ahead, hitting up places like B&M or Next at Home Sale is a great time to buy some beautiful decorative pieces without breaking the bank! 

What are your top money saving tips? 

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