Getting Back on My Fitness Game

Monday, 12 June 2017

Getting Back on My Fitness Game 

I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks ... and that's okay, because when I was going prior to that I was in a plateau and didn't know how to get out of it. My fiancĂ© was unfortunately in hospital for nearly 2 weeks and I lost a lot of weight through stress and poor eating, and looking at myself now I lost the weight i was trying so hard to loose at the gym. So I'm starting fresh and wanted to share with you what I'll be doing to get back on thee cross trainer!

Eating a more Flexitarian based diet, i've noticed cutting down on the amount of meat/dairy I eat has a massive influence on my mood and weight! 

Making more health conscious choices when I'm out! Only looking at the vegetarian or lighter options on restaurant menus and maybe indulging in a desert or bread roll instead, whatever I'm craving but also balancing. 

Getting back into the gym on the cardio but for a shorter amount of time, so 10-15 minutes opposed too 20-30 minutes. 
Introducing more body strength exercise and free weight exercises instead of weight machines, your body should be your machine. 

Cutting chocolate out of my everyday diet and utilising it as an occasional treat (probably where all of my weight gain is from!). 

Trying to walk more and parking that little bit further away in the car park.

Actively taking the stairs and not the escalator or lift!!!!

Spending more time at the park with the children in the family. 

Taking an interest in supplements and using them in the correct manner to learn more and also to aid my bodies development. 
AND last but certainly not least, not having a short term goal! I want this body to be my long term body and I want to be able to feel that I can take my clothes and feel incredible no matter what the occasion! 

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