Moving Out | My Packing Tips

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Moving Out | My Packing Tips

As some of you may and may not know I will be moving into my first rented property soon and packing is quite possibly the most stressful thing ever ... So today I wanted to go through all the tips and tricks on what's helped me pack tactfully and keep the place relatively tidy! 

Buying little and often over a few months will save you mega bucks in the long run!

Packing slowly will help you clear out as you go, you have no idea how much of a hoarder you are until you pull everything out. 

Bubble wrap everything, the mugs / in-between the mugs / the plates / the candles ... everything. 

When your moving your TVs' use your duvet! It'll not only be one less thing to carry but also provide better cushioning to your breakables than bubble wrap on it's own. 

Your weekly shopping bags will be a god send for keeping your shoes together and also prevent them getting scuffed in the move.

Bars of soap are your best friend for your pants and socks, cardboard boxes can leave a smell so adding bars of soap to your boxes will help to keep everything smelling fresh. 

Write a list and check it twice, write a list of everything you've got and pack it into your boxes, this means when you unpack you can check it off and shouldn't be missing anything! 

Use your bedding sheets to pack out boxes with breakables, vases/ornaments can be wedged in with pillows and bed sheets to cushion them from vibrations. 

Write on your boxes Kitchen/Bathroom/Bedroom/Lounge, this means whoever is helping you move can take the boxes into those rooms without you worrying where they've gone. 

What are your top packing tips? 

Emma x


SC @emmaroserobins

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