Staying Sun & Fitness Safe This Summer

Monday, 19 June 2017

Staying Sun & Fitness Safe This Summer

With the temperatures rising across England this week and everyone stripping off to make the most of it, I wanted to share the top ways that you can stay safe in the sun and also enjoy it! From sun worshipers to outside fitness fanatics. 

Exercising outside? Wear a hat!! You have no idea how fast you can dehydrate through your scalp.

Drink water, and then drink some more and then drink some more after that. 

Wear a sports suitable suncream, all sun creams nowadays come with sport options that are water and sweat repellent. 

Stay out of the sun between 12pm-3pm, this is when it's at it's hottest peak and can give you heatstroke. 

Keep alternating between the sun and the shade if your out all day, give your skin chance to have a break! 

Drinking drinks that have added electrolytes will really help to ensure that you keep hydrated and aren't dehydrating your body. 

Want to stay protected without having to cover up? Wear light breezy clothing that covers areas like your shoulders, you'll be able to stay cool and still look chic.

Overheating whilst your working out? Opt for clothing that has sweat wicking fabric, this will help to keep your body temperate regular and help to prevent you feeling faint. 

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