The Best Fitness Advice Around

Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Best Fitness Advice Around 

Today I wanted to compile a list of all the best fitness advice I've received from Personal Trainers, to Fitness Bloggers, to the girl who works out at the same time as me and share with you what's really worked! 

Cutting out carbs doesn't mean you'll be skinny, just cut down the amount you eat.

Introduce more leafy greens into your diet, it'll not only aid weight loss but also help to clear your skin. 

Drinking water everyday will help your body/mind/skin/eyes/organs and you'll start to feel the difference. 
Getting at least 8 hours sleep a night will make a massive difference to your appetite and your bodies response to eating. 

Doing a ridiculous amount of cardio isn't maintainable ... it's silly. 

Comparing yourself to other people doesn't mean jack, it'll just make you feel worse and every single person is different. 
Eating intuitively is okay to do for your body, eat when your hungry and drink water when your not. 

It's okay to eat out, just add healthier choices to your meal and you won't feel bad (even though you shouldn't be feeling bad anyway!)

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