Turning 23 | The Realisation

Monday, 31 July 2017

Turning 23 | The Realisation 

Getting older is strange for anyone and everyone, when your younger you think it's great because you get parties and balloons and so many toys, when you hit your teenage years it's all a blur and your just anxious to get to 17 and learning to drive, and then you hit your twenties and you start to realise a lot and see things a lot differently. 

I turned 23 yesterday and experienced a whole whirlwind of emotions and realisations and getting older is a really strange feeling. I realised I'm not where I envisaged that I would be by 23 but feel like I've accomplished a lot, I discovered that I did want to celebrate my birthday with a chosen few opposed to years of not wanting too, and realising that material items aren't as important as they used to be when you where younger. 

Growing older you see a lot of things and experience a lot of things, some good and some bad but you learn from them and make different mistakes instead. So today the day that I've turned 23 years of age I feel lost, really really lost and I'm not sure why? I feel like I've had my whole life flash before me and I'm not sure how I feel how I've used my time. I feel as though I'm questioning everything about my decisions and where I am in life and it's weird. 

So, as I'm now old and questioning life I am more determined than ever to fulfil my life to every second because I have the privilege to live in it. 

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